Thank you for selecting The Best of Coaching to Real Volume One. This book contains five of the best interviews from the Coaching for Real Internet radio program that aired on the business channel. I originally created the show to introduce the listening audience to the practice of coaching and demonstrate how dramatically it differs from the disciplines of teaching, training, leading, managing, consulting, and mentoring. I expected my guests to allow me to demonstrate my coaching skills live on the air to enable them to think into their challenges and develop breakthrough strategies to take their performance to the next level.

I was right about that assumption, as my guests were more than willing to let me coach them during the live one hour interview. But little did I realize that these amazing individuals would bring such captivating stories of their journey to success and provide such valuable information to business professionals around the world. I can truthfully say that every one of my guests exceeded my expectations, producing interviews with emotion, wisdom, insight, truth, and meaning.

As the show progressed, I realized that it was no longer about me. In fact, I was very naïve to think that it was ever about me. The value of Coaching for Real was in the journeys of struggle, uncertainty, risk, setbacks, trials, good fortune, hope, and ultimate success. It was in the immeasurable knowledge that went out over the airwaves just waiting to be captured and used to make the listeners’ lives more abundant and their businesses more successful.

Chapter One begins with the first-hand account of the amazing miracle of survival from the landing of American Airlines flight 1549 in the Hudson River, a story so fascinating that it was made into a movie. Dave Sanderson provides his spellbinding account of the take-off, catastrophe, descent, landing, evacuation, and a near death experience in 36-degree water and 11-degree air temperature. Listen as Dave tells of how this event not only changed his life but launched his career as a motivational speaker, mentor, and author.

In Chapter Two we meet Richard Chapo, Internet lawyer who brings to light issues that everyone who does business on the Internet needs to know. It doesn’t matter if you just dabble on the Internet selling a few items to make a little extra cash, if you run a brick and mortar company and just use the Internet for marketing, or if you run your entire business online.  Because Internet law is relatively new, most of us are completely unaware of our liability. Many of the things that we’ve been doing for years without any issue are no longer acceptable. Simply following Richard’s seven steps to protecting yourself online will go a long way in moving you from “I don’t know what I don’t know” to “I know what I need to know.”

In Chapter Three we meet Samantha Stone, founder of The Marketing Advisory Network and author of “Unleash Possible: A Marketing Playbook That Drives Sales.” When Samantha decided that the world did not need another marketing agency, little did she know that her six-month entrepreneurial experiment would result on her being fully booked within two weeks of start-up. Her intention was not to hire employees but to nurture and facilitate a network of professionals that she would bring in on projects on an as-needed basis. Five years later she finds herself fully engaged, insuring that her clients get the deliverable that they require. Samantha’s story of her business success and her book summary are inspiring, clear, and loaded with practical advice for every business owner.

Speaking of business owners, meet Ty Crandall, CEO at Credit Suite, the biggest business credit coaching operation in the Unites States. Ty, the author of two popular books, Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded, is widely recognized as an authority in business credit building, credit scoring, and business financing. In Chapter Four, Ty reveals how to get credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your SSN, a major challenge for anyone wanting to build a successful business. Ty not only lays out the steps for building good business credit but he reveals how to obtain affordable financing by tapping into markets that most of us are totally unaware of, saving business owners countless hours of unproductive searching and fruitless declinations.

In chapter Five we follow Vlad Lokshin, a man who admits being really bad at having bosses, as he founds his company, DarwinApps, with several partners, leaves his corporate job as soon as he hits his target revenue, and then moves the company completely across the country, only to find that success is much slower than expected, forcing a couple of the founding partners to seek employment elsewhere. This is a story of sticking to the plan, being good to each other even in times of conflict, doing what’s right for yourself and for the company you just left, paying yourself last, and ultimately, building a successful business enterprise with a remote international team that takes the incredible and builds the impossible.

These interviews have been preserved and are available through the website. I created this book is for those who would like to own the printed version to go along with the audio files. Each interview was sent out for transcription, edited, forwarded to the guest to verify accuracy, proofread, and formatted as an eBook. Several sets of eyes have read through these pages to ensure accurate spelling and grammar. But we’re all human and there may be some items that were overlooked. Your observations and comments are always welcome at My prayer is that you enjoy reading these interviews as much I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you. God bless.